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Become a commute champion!

Help us get as many coworkers signed up and logging trips as possible. We give you tools, tips, and resources. Reach your champion goals and get extra prizes!


Champion Goals

  • Sign up 20 new ACW participants who log at least 1 trip. Have them include you as the person who referred them.

  • Bonus: Create 5 social media posts showing workers commuting actively during ACW with #ACWGR. Don’t have access to social media? Submit the photos to


Champion Prizes

Every Champion is eligible to receive an awesome prize for reaching Champion Goals. 


Champion Resources

We want you to succeed! We offer Champions these resources:

  • LCI Certified Bicycle Education Lunch and Learns

  • ACW business cards

  • Posters

  • T-shirt

  • Bicycle ABC Quick Check Guides

  • Driving Change Bicycle Education Material

  • Tips and Tricks Guide for ACW Success

Commute Champion
Employer Incentive

Employer incentive!

We want to have the best year yet so we are providing an incentive to new employer group participants. 


New Employer Incentive

We’ll provide a prize specific to your organization to help your Commute Champion succeed in getting employees on board!


How to qualify

This incentive is offered to any employer:

  • Who didn’t participate in the Employer Challenge in 2018

  • Has a dedicated Commute Champion

Commute Help


Utilize an experienced bicycle commute coach or bus buddy! If you want to participate in Active Commute Week but have questions around what route to take, how to carry your gear, or what clothes to wear, a commute coach is here to help.

We want to see you on the road in 2019!

Online Resources:


ACW Bingo
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